Buying A Commercial Property In Abu Dhabi? Here’s What You Must Know

Investment in real estate is one of the smartest choices you can make in a city like Abu Dhabi. The gorgeous emirate has several exquisite real estate attractions that lure investors from around the globe to invest in either residential or commercial property in Abu Dhabi. Leasing and buying commercial property in the UAE is increasing steadily owing to their prime locations and amenities. Business opportunities in the UAE are endless; everybody wants to kick-start their enterprise in this glorious country. 

Though investing in any real estate property is always fruitful and is considered free of the influence of the fluctuating business cycles, several factors go into investing in a commercial property in Abu Dhabi. This article will discuss some crucial aspects of purchasing commercial property in the UAE.

What is commercial property?

Commercial real estate exclusively refers to the properties used for business-related purposes. It includes office buildings, warehouses, retail buildings, etc. Abu Dhabi is well-known for its unique blend of modernity and traditions. The architectural pattern exudates the same aura. The UAE’s current real estate market position has made investing in real-estate property favorable in the leading emirates, such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, etc. Several property searching websites, such as ADCP property search makes it easier for people to find real estate property in Abu Dhabi.

 Why should you invest in a commercial property?

  • Income Potential: Commercial property rarely loses its market value as they are usually located at prime locations within the city. Commercial properties generally have a high-end return ranging from 6-12% of the cost price. Commercial properties attract tenants who are business professionals backed by companies and organizations. A well-experienced real-estate agency can help customers buy the best commercial property for their business operations.
  • Long-term leasing options: Commercial properties in the UAE can acquire long-term leases ranging from three to four years or more. It ensures the greater financial stability of the organization and allows a steady cash flow. Investors can heavily profit from the lower vacancy rates and turnover costs. Long-term leases help build equity and leverage, which increases the property value over time.
  • Tax benefits: Owning a commercial property has additional benefits in the UAE. The property owners can enjoy tax exemptions; as long as the business is up and running. After the property is back on the market, the owner is taxed at a reduced income tax rate. The tax benefits are mainly due to the lower per-square-foot cost. Commercial real estate creates a higher demand with limited supply driving entrepreneurs to take commercial property off the market as soon as a vacant space is available.
  • Target value assessments: It is easier to assess the value of commercial properties regularly. A real-estate firm with on-time property evaluation is best for making informed decisions about investing in a commercial property. 

If you’re looking for an opportunity to invest in buying a commercial property in the UAE, then leading real-estate firms, such as ADCP property search, can help you. Go online, and search for the leading real estate agency to get the latest information about commercial properties in Abu Dhabi.